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As a Producer and Director with over 20 years production experience across NZ, the UK and the USA, I have faced production challenges all over the place. On my very first job, I was tasked with sourcing 400 sprats & a mackerel in 2 hours from a hundred miles away. Twice. There was no Google in those days of course, just the Yellow Pages. These kinds of challenges come thick and fast in this industry and I still enjoy fitting the creative, logistical and financial pieces of the puzzle together.

Peter is a member of the New Zealand Advertising Producers Group [NZAPG] representing individual TV, commercial & content producers.

Peter is also part of the team behind Filmsourcing, a filmmaking web application and blog designed for sharing resources such as templates, articles and industry info.

These are occasional social gatherings for newcomers and veterans of the Film & TV industry - head over to The Real Martini to find out about the next catch up.

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